Friday, June 19, 2009

The Beginning of The End

So I actually started animating my thesis film a few days ago and while some may think it's early I can assure you for the amount of animation I need for this film, im starting right on time. There are certainly moments where I kick myself in the face for doing a 10 minute film but at the same time it's a film I feel strongly about personally and doing anything else would be selling myself short at this point. I'm experimenting with a live action sky background as you can see here, not sure if im gonna stick to that or not but right now i'm really happy with how it looks.

I also am in the process of possibly scoring an internship with an international law firm, as strange as that sounds. They are asking me to do a 2-3 minute animation for their company, it's a really exciting opportunity, I mean how many animators end up animating a short for a law firm!? It's going to have something to do with lawyers turned superheroes. Right now i'm giving them two different animation styles so they can figure out which one they want to go with, whats great is that I'm really the only animator there so I have alot of control over this project (also alot of responsibility -_-)

My girlfriend is in Turkey right now doing field research comparing fossils from turkey and greece, which is pretty sweet. I wish I could get out of this country for a few weeks, maybe not to dig up fossils that's just not my thing but just to see something new and different. But here I am stuck in Jersey surrounded by diners.

I also recently watched Lilo & Stich and The Hunchback of Notre Dame which I had never seen before surprisingly. Both were excellent and two of Disney's best films I feel, both took a non-traditinal route compared to how most Disney film's play out.

A friend of mine recently introduced me to something that I have been wanting for ages, i think all of us deep inside were longing for it... pokemon... ONLINE:

Pokemon World Online

Oh and its free!

Also im definitely going to this!
Drinking & Drawing

It's my two favorite past times wrapped into one nice package

It's funny cause me and two friends did drink and animate once in the past... the result was distrubing. If you dare to see it there is a screenshot below, BUT BE WARNED!

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