Sunday, June 28, 2009

Drink and Draw Now Now!

So last night was the second day of the Now Now film festival, a local film festival put together by a friend of mine from high school where-in I had the chance to screen both of my latest animated shorts. It went pretty well, the first day was rather slow and small but the second day we filled up almost all the seats at the two screenings. I also was able to sell 6 dvds and make some cash money. I'm looking forward to the next festival.

Went to the Drink & Draw event this past Wednesday and had an excellent time. I was lucky enough draw after Bill Plympton! I was left with some breasts shooting milk into the air for his last frame, I turned that milk into missles and sent them into a Bikini Zombie face. I drew a second time and was given just a girl's chest holding a dick in one hand... seems like generally people just drew obscenities but I guess you'd expect nothing less from a bunch of animators given total freedom to draw with a bar 2 feet behind them. Well I turned that dick into a fish anyway. Spent the rest of the night hanging out with friends, was a real good time.

I got the job at the Orrick law firm, should be working two days a week now to produce their 3-4 minute animation, definitely looking forward to that.

Thumbs Up the Final Cut
is up on Veoh, everyone should check it out!

Along with the Outtakes on YouTube!

I also made some more progress on both the intro animation to my brother's documentary "sick and tired of being sick and tired" & my thesis film.

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