Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Blog

I have a new blog now along with a new website!

Check them both out, this blog will no longer be used so all my followers please congregate over to the new blog, thanks!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So little time...

By the time i do my next post i will have probably handed in my Thesis film... that alone is a very scary thought.

About a month left before judgement day!

Right now i am compositing & editing which is proving to take a very long time.

I also had the chance to go to the Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMa recently and found it to be really amazing. I highly suggest everyone go to see this exhibit, be sure to get tickets a good week in advance though, they go so fast. Going to the exhibit inspired me to draw straight from my head and just draw whatever the hell came out of my pencil. I put some of the sketches in this post.

Ugly Americans premiere is tommorrow! It will be on Comedy Central Wensday the 17th at 10:30 pm after South Park. Watch it! I worked mostly on the pilot so a lot of my stuff will be in the premiere episode tomorrow and it is gonna be really funny i promise.

Well wish me luck as i enter the Final Countdown!

Movies i watched since my last post

  • Thumbsucker (7.5/10) Pretty good coming of age film, especially like Keanu Reave's character.
  • The Wrath Of Kahn (7/10) Very dramatic Star Trek film, should be seen only after seeing the original Star Trek episode it follows "Demon Seed"
  • Star Trek (8.5/10) Not being a huge Star Trek guy myself i gotta say i absolutely loved this film. It reintroduces the series and characters in such a fresh, exciting, and clever way while sticking true to its roots.
  • Mysterious Skin (7.5/10) One of those films that is really hard to watch more then once, lots of disturbing scenes and themes in this film that are hard to take in. A strong and powerful film that I probably will not watch again.
  • Halo Legends (7/10) Most the shorts range from bad to alright with the exception of "Odd Man Out" which is absolutely hilarious. Its a total satire of DBZ and Power Rangers but Halo style.
  • Ponyo (7/10) Certainly not Miyazaki's best film in regards to story and characters. But visually it is incredible, in this regard it could be his best looking film. Overall if you can just look at it as pure fun and nothing more you will enjoy it a lot.
  • Waking Sleeping Beauty (7.5/10) A very interesting look into Disney's come back. The film feels very personal and really gives insight into the people at Disney and the drama between them.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The end is near

March feels all too close....

I'm still feeling ok but the pressure of that thesis is definitely weighing down on me. I've started to overnight every single day of the week and I have a feeling that won't be ending any time soon.

I've started to do special effects for John Dilworth's new short which i'm very excited about!

Also have sucked myself and quite a few others into the infinite abyss of MAGIC THE GATHERING. We play regularly now, if you wish to challenge us as a wizard of magic please do so! We welcome all wizards! Except for lame harry potter ones.

Alright back to Magi- er.. I mean thesis, yeah thesis.

Film's I watched this month (Oh shit new thing I put in my blog! Where I review movies!!)
  • District 9 (9/10) (Amazing!!)
  • Up In The Air (8.9/10) (Almost equally Amazing!)
  • A Serious Man (7/10) (Still not a Coen Bros. fan, not sure how I feel about the ending either)
  • Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (8/10) (Very fun film, love the main character and the imagination of the film)
  • Zombie Land (7.5/10) (Great! The cameo appearance of (SPOILER) made my day)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2nd Semester... The beginning of THE END

Second Semester has started and it feels like thesis is a giant turtle slowly taking a dump on my face, sorry for that visual but I think it describes every thesis students situation. Its an impending doom that we must meet!

I'm feeling good again at where I am, not amazing, but good. The bad bit is that i'm still trying to really figure out how I want my film to end and some other small issues i'm having with the "God" character. I hope it all works out in the end, i have this tendency to change things in the middle. I'm just going to keep going tho and hope it works itself out.

Law firm internship seems to be over, I gave them the final files and i've had an amazing month of no revisions. But I must say it was an awesome experience working there and I don't think i'll ever have anything quite like it again especially for such good pay. And my boss was such a nice,
cool, awesome guy who gave me lots of great music!

OH! I got to be an extra in a Passion Pit Music Video! If you don't know passion pit they do the song "sleepyhead" featured in that one cellphone commercial, this may jog your memory:

Anyway I had to wear a bag on my head and dance like a maniac to the same song 8 or so times with the band performing it (or rather pretending to perform it) a few feet away from me, all the while confetti shot over our heads and rained down on us. Such a fun experience, though it was so weird dancing with bags on our heads, I elbowed someone in the head REALLY hard at one point... you seriously cant see anything. I'll post the video when it's up and hopefully you'll be able to see me!

Anyway back to thesis oh and I'm trying out this new 100% free online game called Dragonica, looks kickass. If you play find me on there: