Friday, September 4, 2009

Sick & Tired Opener and Swampass

So the Sick & Tired Opening animation is up on youtube, it can be seen here:

Sick & Tired

Also completed the documentary on my good friend Swampass, the documentary is split into three parts, you can find the first part here:

Swampass (look in the info of the video for links to the 2nd and 3rd part)

The 1st short for the Orrick Law Firm is 100% done. I'm about halfway done with the second short which will have a strong sci-fi theme to it; i've been having some fun with that.

I started putting together the video for my dog Cream but it is taking longer than expected, I wouldn't expect the video to be complete anytime soon. But in time it will be up and it will do her justice :).

I've done as much as I can with thesis until school starts again next week. I got a little past halfway the riot scene, originally I had planned to finish this by the end of summer but alot of things unfortunately got in the way of that and it did take longer than expected on top of that.

Moving back to the GW Saturday, packing my self up as we speak.

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