Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Same Excuse

Same excuse as usual, getting distracted left and right from updating my blog. I hate myself for it and I promise I will give myself ten whips for each week I go without blogging from now on.

The first act of my thesis is now practically 100% complete. I've begun animating the 3rd and final act of the film and all those that think i'm ahead need to remember I still have another 4 minutes or so to animate, I have my work cut out for me.

Orrick shorts are done, it's just a matter of dropping them off now.

I've been screwing around and loosing time for thesis making quick live-action shorts for fun. Judge them based on the idea that none required more than a single day of work haha. But they were fun to work on and I hope you like 'em. First is Are You Afraid of The Dark episode my brother shot and my cousin edited and I came up with the story concept:

The Tale Of Lucky Pete's Playground

Second, me and some friends rented a nice HD cam from SVA to record some live action shots for a certain thesis film. Well afterwards we wanted to get more use out of it so we did a Spanish Soap Opera, why not right? Enjoy!

El Perro

There's a third film we shot today with the HD camera, put more effort into it then this spanish soap opera, well a little more. Anyway I'll post that when i'm done editing that in the next two weeks or so.

Alright back to finished all this shit in time for the end of the semester, be back soon. I promise, or else I will inflict pain upon myself.

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