Monday, October 26, 2009

Flight Into Imagination in a Film Festival! And more

Yeah I know it's been a while, my usual excuse would be I've been busy and got distracted so I'm gonna go with that again.

But since my last post i've made a lot of progress and also just today acquired some really exciting news, A Flight Into Imagination has made its way into the "Short Attention Span Digital Video Festival"! and will be shown this coming Friday (Oct.30th) You can see the details here:


If anyone can make it please attend!

The second short being produced for the Orrick Law Firm is still in production, went much longer than expected but it also became much longer and intensive than originally planned. But I am 99% finished at this point, so close! And they seem to be very happy with the results. Here's a little sample of the Epic Mech that will be showing up in the short.

Thesis is on schedule once again, I completed the entire second segment of my thesis. That's 3 minutes that are completely inked, colored, composited and ready to go! I'm now animating the first segment and hope to finish that by winter break and then have the rest of my time to finish off the third and final segment of the film. So far very happy with the results.

Oh! And I have a new reel up, which can be seen here:


Also went back to interning at Augenblick, right now we are working on the "Ugly Americans" TV series. But earlier I had the chance to do inbetweening for the videogame "Dante's Inferno". The detail in the animation and the incredible compositing they are doing with this really makes it absolutely beautiful, so proud to have been able to work on this! Unfortunately I'm not allowed to show anything until the game is released but I assure you it will be worth the wait!

Anyway thats all for now, I'll be sure to update this on a more regular (Monthly) basis again from now on



  1. The screen shot looks great on your thesis so far. :D Congrat on the festival, i don't think i can attend though. X_X

    You got to work on Dante's Inferno wow, neato, that's so cool. :D Maybe i should go to intern in that studio for a chance like this.

  2. dude, your blog is freaking awesome! and is that green haired girl your thesis? so jealous!