Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Blog

Hello, first time blogger so bear with me here.

So i'd say i'm an animator second and aspiring storyteller first, here to share with you all of my failures, attempts at success, and all that stuff in between.

First of all to anyone who hasn't seen my latest animated short
"A Rusted Heart"
you can check it out here:

A Rusted Heart

Currently i'm working on my Thesis film. I had to be "that guy" and take on doing a 8 minute film thus I am doing alot of work over this summer. I've been revising the screenplay endlessly along with the storyboard and am aiming for a final animatic within a week after doing some new voice recordings due to script changes. Of course all my voice actors work for free so they all want to destroy me after asking them a third time in the past week to do a recording session.

I don't wanna show too much but here's three storyboard panels from the near end of the film in case anyone is interested.

And while i've been advised against doing a film this long I just want everyone to know I didn't choose to do a 8 minute film, i chose a story that I felt strongly about and had interest in, it just so happened I need 8 minutes to tell that story. But I promise you, not a second will be wasted.

The other day my brother and his friend got the random idea out of pure boredom to paint the walls of his room, with whatever the hell they felt like. They offered for me to have a part in it and I couldn't resist of course. Out of the chaos this was my favorite addition to the wall I made.

Thats it for now, Later

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